Volta will deeply understand your technology, and be willing and able to help you overcome challenges as your technology matures and your company grows.

Entrepreneurs find it refreshing to work with Volta because we speak their language and understand the technical aspects of their innovations. At the same time we are fully capable of helping them take their businesses to the next level.


The potential disruptors in the fast-growing energy markets for consumer electronics, electric mobility, and electric utility services will be in the categories of:

  • Chemistry, Materials, and Manufacturing: Solid state electrolytes, protected lithium metal, advanced flow battery technologies, materials technology enabling safety, high speed efficient materials production, and cell assembly
  • Hardware: Wireless and high speed charging equipment, sensors, next generation inverters
  • New Business Models: New applications, system integrators, storage as a service

Volta will consider investments in companies that range in maturity from very early stage to later stage companies that are expanding and ready to scale to full commercial operations.


    Entrepreneurs often tell us that they prefer to work with Volta because of the team’s ability to add value from both a technical and business perspective. Further, Volta has access to leading institutions – such as its research agreement with Argonne National Laboratory – to help them as they grow and refine their technology. 

    Our relationships with our investors – who are industry leaders – may ultimately provide the entrepreneur with channels to market and are potential acquirers of companies that may be a fit in their corporate strategic vision.



      As Volta performs diligence on your company, our aim is to identify challenges – every company has them. Volta looks for opportunities to help and, especially if your company is in its early stages, may be able to connect the entrepreneur with resources to help solve a technical problem or deepen the understanding of the physics or chemistry underlying your innovation.  Post-investment, Volta will continue to provide both technical and business development advice as you refine and commercialize your technology. 

      We want to hear from you.  Please visit the Contact page, tell us about your business, and how your innovation fits into Volta’s technology portfolio.